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Tequila Tasting Finale – Gran Patron Burdeos

  Alright, alright, alright! So now we’ve made it to the “Gran” Finale of our tequila tasting series. It is our “Gran” Finale because the final tequila of the tasting, the second “surprise” bottle that Chris shared, was possibly even more unique than the Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia 1997. The final tequila of the evening …

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Tequila Tasting Part V – Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia 1997

  Bringing our brief foray into tequila to an almost close….as if we hadn’t already been spoiled after our four flights of great tequilas…..Chris had a couple of surprises in store; a couple of rare and special bottles! The first of these two unique tequilas was a Jose Cuervo…… Yes, you read that right……Jose Cuervo…….except this …

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Tequila Tasting Part IV – Extra Anejos

Don’t worry, folks, The End is Near! With three flights down, it was time to get serious…..and for our fourth and final official flight, Chris and Pete brought out the big guns – the Extra Añejos!  Extra Añejos are tequilas that are aged in casks for over three years. As we experienced with the Añejos, the cask …

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Tequila Tasting Part III – Añejos

  I have to say that it has been an epic battle of the tequilas so far. At this point, the judges have the cards scored evenly as we head into Round 3 of our Tequila Battle Royale! Don’t worry, if you missed either of the first two rounds, you can replay the highlights by …

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Tequila Tasting Part II – Reposados

Today is a continuation of our brief divergence into the world of Tequila and our second flight made up of Reposado tequilas. In case you missed it, in Part I we started out with the unaged Blancos and now we are moving “up” to Reposados. As with our first flight, the three tequilas that Chris and Pete …

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