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NWC March Meeting – Irish Whiskey Makes Me Frisky!

Irish Whiskey Makes Me Frisky!   Once again, as the month of March rolled around and the Irish in everyone started to come to the surface, our Newcomers Whisky Club looked to the Emerald Isle for another enjoyable Irish whiskey adventure…and once again, the Irish did not disappoint us!   As we know now, the …

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Bowman Brothers, Virginia Straight Bourbon

How about another bourbon for today? But we’re not going to taste a Kentucky bourbon, or even a Tennessee whiskey! Today’s whiskey is the Bowman Brothers, Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey ….. *distilled and bottled by the A. Smith Bowman distillery in Fredericksburg, VA.   Yes, Virginia there is whiskey in Virginia!    And believe it …

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American Whiskies – NTSS Tasting

This past month has been very busy (and fun) on the whisky front. Not only did I have the two events at Trinity Hall (Blind Tasting and Glenfiddich 21 Deconstruction Tasting), we also had our Newcomers Whisky Club meeting in November (trying to get that written up, too), and then a week ago Saturday our …

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