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Another Big NTSS Single Malt Whisky Event!

  So all of the Usual Suspects, and then some, met a week ago Friday evening for another Whisky Bash, er, um, Tasting. This time, we had a theme! You see, at the previous Trinity Hall tasting in August, a small group of us stuck around and had an extra dram. In the midst of …

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Whisky Review: Kavalan Solist, ex-Bourbon, Sherry and Vinho

In this review I am going to talk about three Single Malt whiskies from the Kavalan Distillery in Taiwan……. Wait….. What…..? Whisky from Taiwan??  Okay, so it is quite possible that you’ve not heard of Kavalan before, and that is not completely surprising because Kavalan is a relative newcomer to the US, but believe me, …

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Whisky Tasting – Birthday Extravaganza

Sometimes it is really nice to have good friends! Last week, a handful of us got together to celebrate a friend’s birthday….and we did it in style with a wonderful “little” selection of whiskies, of course. I emphasize the “little” because, with this group, we usually end up tasting an extensive, and often exceptional, line up …

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