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Springbank 20 year-old, Duncan Taylor

I hinted in my previous Springbank review about an upcoming review of another special Springbank whisky, so you probably aren’t surprised that …. here it is!  This is a bottle from the Duncan Taylor Single Series, a release of a Springbank 20 year-old whisky that was distilled in December 1993 and bottled March 2014. This …

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Springbank 39 year-old, Chieftain’s

How about another review of a rather rare, very old, and quite special whisky?  Well, no need to twist my arm! Today I’ve got a review of a Chieftain’s Springbank 39 year-old whisky. Distilled in October 1968 and bottled January 2008, this whisky was matured in a Hogshead, Cask No. 1542, with a total out-turn …

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Whisky Review: Hazelburn 8 yo Single Malt

Today, let’s take a look at a Hazelburn 8 year old Single Malt whisky from the Springbank distillery. The whisky we are reviewing was distilled June 2002 and bottled February 2011 at an abv of 55.9%. Maturation was 5 years in Refill Bourbon casks, then 3 years in French Oak Limousin Sauternes casks.  Outturn was 9,180 …

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