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Bowman Brothers, Virginia Straight Bourbon

How about another bourbon for today? But we’re not going to taste a Kentucky bourbon, or even a Tennessee whiskey! Today’s whiskey is the Bowman Brothers, Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey ….. *distilled and bottled by the A. Smith Bowman distillery in Fredericksburg, VA.   Yes, Virginia there is whiskey in Virginia!    And believe it …

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Bourbon Review: A Trio of Pappy Van Winkle

Once again, fall has arrived and fall is that time of year when all sorts of limited, rare, special whisky releases hit the market. Around the world, whisky fans wait, semi-patiently, drooling ever-so-slightly into their empty Glencairns, to see what this year will offer. As always there is excitement over which malts will be included …

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Whiskey Review – “Pappy Trevino”

In recent years, the marketing side of the whisk(e)y business seems to have taken center stage with more emphasis often being placed on “The Story” behind the whisky and the “exclusivity” of the releases than, at times, the actual whisky itself. Its a sad statement, but “The Story” becomes the be-all, end-all….can you say Ardbeg? …

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