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Risky Whisky Business! Another birthday!

  I know I’ve been doing a series of reviews of rather exciting, rare, unique whiskies, and I plan to continue with those, but first I need to pause for a minute and give a (not so) quick update about the celebration we had for Greg’s birthday this past Saturday. Perhaps some of you recall my …

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Bowmore 11 yo Exclusive Casks

Today’s review is a long overdue review of Bowmore 11 yo Exclusive Casks bottling exclusive for K&L Wines.  This whisky was produced by the independent bottler, Creative Whisky Company…and provided to me by my friend and author of the “Diving for Pearls” blog, Michael K. Sadly, I’ve had this sample since December 2013 and am just now getting to …

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Bowmore 11 yo, Hart Brothers

IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER MIKE D. REPORT FROM Once again, Mike is checking in with us here at Newcomers Whisky Club with a whisky report direct from the vast wastelands of Perth, Western Australia! Mike, the stage is yours! This release is an independent bottling of a single cask Bowmore 11 year old bottled by …

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