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Whisky Review – Compass Box Asyla

Last week, our Newcomers Whisky Club had a meeting and we sampled the Compass Box Whisky Co. core range of whiskies, plus a couple other Compass Box offerings. During our meetings, I have too much fun talking with everyone, enjoying the whiskies, and also the pouring responsibilities, to do much more than get some general …

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February Meeting Summary – Compass Box Whisky Co

Well, our February Newcomers Whisky Club meeting was another fantastic success! We tasted a great selection of Compass Box whiskies, had some wonderful food, and a downright enjoyable evening! Our whisky selection included: Asyla, Hedonism, Oak Cross, The Spice Tree, The Lost Blend, and The Peat Monster, plus an extra, “surprise” whisky! We had a smaller group this month due to the conflict with …

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Exploring Compass Box Whisky Co.

  Here are a couple of videos that you might find interesting in advance of our Compass Box tasting this month. Mark Gillespie, who puts together a weblog called WhiskyCast ®, conducted an on-site interview with John Glaser, founder of Compass Box Whisky Co. The interview is interesting and insightful, offering a unique glimpse into …

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