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Mar 20

Springbank 20 year-old, Duncan Taylor

I hinted in my previous Springbank review about an upcoming review of another special Springbank whisky, so you probably aren’t surprised that …. here it is!  This is a bottle from the Duncan Taylor Single Series, a release of a Springbank 20 year-old whisky that was distilled in December 1993 and bottled March 2014. This …

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Mar 10

Springbank 39 year-old, Chieftain’s

How about another review of a rather rare, very old, and quite special whisky?  Well, no need to twist my arm! Today I’ve got a review of a Chieftain’s Springbank 39 year-old whisky. Distilled in October 1968 and bottled January 2008, this whisky was matured in a Hogshead, Cask No. 1542, with a total out-turn …

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Jun 19

A dangerous combination – Whisky Friends and Birthday Celebrations!!

  In so many ways, finding friends who share a passion for the exploration and enjoyment of good whiskies is wonderful. Sharing new bottles, dissecting, evaluating and discussing the pluses and minuses of certain whiskies, or comparing past batches with the most recent release, is a lot of fun. But…….there are certain pitfalls that go along …

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Apr 16

Whisky Review: Hazelburn 8 yo Single Malt

Today, let’s take a look at a Hazelburn 8 year old Single Malt whisky from the Springbank distillery. The whisky we are reviewing was distilled June 2002 and bottled February 2011 at an abv of 55.9%. Maturation was 5 years in Refill Bourbon casks, then 3 years in French Oak Limousin Sauternes casks.  Outturn was 9,180 …

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