Newcomers Whisky Club May Meeting

Yes, I realize that my posting of the booklet and info from our Newcomers Whisky Club May meeting is very late, but as I noted in my previous update, it was a long, very hot, and busy summer!  I fell behind and am now am just trying to play catch up, so please bear with me!

NWC May Meeting: “12 O’Clock High”

Anyway, here’s a summary of2016_May_12OClockHigh_Cover our May Newcomers Whisky Club meeting. Our theme for the evening was “12 O’Clock High”! and the lineup consisted of seven different scotch whiskies, all bearing a 12 year-old age statement.


The evening started with a single grain whisky from the now-closed Port Dundas distillery from the Glasgow. Just recently Diageo began releasing a series of these Port Dundas whiskies – all with Age Statements! This 12 year old single grain whisky was a good start to the event.


From there we moved on to Old Pulteney, which had been the most northerly distillery on the Scottish mainland until 2012 when the new Wolfburn Distillery was constructed in Thurso, approximately 20 miles north of Wick, the home of Old Pulteney.


Turning south, we returned to Speyside as we sampled the Cragganmore 12 year-old, a whisky long favored by blenders and highly regarded by the acclaimed whisky writer, Michael Jackson. A very fine whisky, this showed off just how beautiful and complex Speysider whiskies can be!


After the Cragganmore, we tasted a pair of sherry-focused whiskies from the Glendronach and Glenfarclas distilleries. Even though both are heavily sherried whiskies, they were very distinct from one another, providing an opportunity to enjoy the variety that Scotch whisky offers!


Naturally, to close the evening, we had to get our requisite dose of peat! It’s been fun – I’m slowly, (okay, very slowly) getting Ken to appreciate a good peated whisky! Our first peated whisky was the tried-and-true gem 12 year old from Highland Park, which showed off beautifully just how subtle, and different, styles of peated whisky can be!  


Finally, our last whisky of the evening came from Islay, when we sampled the sometimes under-appreciated Caol Ila 12 year-old. This whisky showed a very different style from the Highland Park with its crisp, fresh citrus and peat smoke nose.


Once more, we had another great evening. Thanks to everyone for making these Newcomers Whisky Club meetings so enjoyable!


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