Another Big NTSS Single Malt Whisky Event!


So all of the Usual Suspects, and then some, met a week ago Friday evening for another Whisky Bash, er, um, Tasting. This time, we had a theme! You see, at the previous Trinity Hall tasting in August, a small group of us stuck around and had an extra dram. In the midst of this, we started trying to guess what whisky each person had purchased. We had fun doing this…..albeit with very limited success – except for George, the Beer Guy, who guessed Ardbeg Galileo correctly!


Having enjoyed the exercise, we set up this tasting as a challenge for ourselves – everyone was to bring a “brown bagged” single malt whisky and we would all attempt to guess, the Region, Age, Abv, and the Distillery. So, with the format established, the 15 of us embarked on another enjoyable evening of tasting some excellent whiskies.


What’s that, you said? I didn’t tell you how we did with our challenge? Suffice it to say that our guesses were less than stellar. We managed to correctly identify the Region for a good number of the whiskies, and we were close with the ages within certain ranges, but the Distillery name proved to be very, very difficult. In our defense, a number of the bottles turned out to be single cask and/or independent bottlings, which made the identification just that much more difficult. We’ve decided that if we do this again, which we probably will, we need to include the restriction that all selections are official releases! Anyway, while I didn’t write them down, I’d estimate that we might have named the correct distillery 3 of 18 times. Oh well, I guess we need to conduct more research!


I will have more information to post on a number of these whiskies, going into more detail, but here is the list of what we sampled…..some really good and a few really great whiskies!


1. Gordon & MacPhail Speymalt Macallan 21Yr, distilled 1990, bottled 2011, 43% abv
2. SMWS 55.23 Royal Brackla, “Chow mein on a Workbench,” 20Yr, 55.1% abv
3. Tomatin 24Yr, Distillery Exclusive, distilled 1990, bottled 2015, 54.4% abv
4. Laphroaig Cairdeas Ileach, 2011 Release, 50.5% abv
5. Lagavulin 12Yr,  2014 Release, 54.4% abv
6. Signatory Vintage 1999, Glenrothes 15Yr, distilled 1999, bottled 2015, 58% abv
7. Duncan Taylor Octave,  Miltonduff 7 Yr, bottled 2005,  46% abv
8. Signatory Vintage 1990, Mortlach 21Yr, distilled 1990, bottled 2012,  52.5% abv
9. Benriach 15Yr PX Peated, distilled 1995, bottled July 2010, 52.3% abv
10. Springbank Green 12Yr, bottled 2015,  46% abv
11. D&M Aficionado’s Club, Glenesk 30Yr, 43% abv
12. Balvenie 15Yr Sherry Cask #4443, 47.8% abv
13. AD Rattray Inchgower 30Yr, 55.1% abv
14. Scott’s Selection 1971 Longmorn-Glenlivet, distilled 1971, bottled 2004, 53.5% abv
15. Kavalan Vinho Barrique, C.W090220047, distilled 2009, 57.8% abv
16. AD Rattray Linkwood 28Yr, distilled 1984, bottled 2012, 56.7% abv
17. Exclusive Malts Bunnahabhain 26Yr, distilled 1987, bottled 2014, 47.8% abv


Watch this space for individual postings about these whiskies….should be fun!



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